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I started piano classes with Florence in year 2019, and have been taking weekly piano lessons either in-person or via remote learning.

I’ve always wanted to pick up learning the piano, but as a working mum of 2 kids under 5, I was worried I wouldn’t have the capacity to keep up.

Florence is an amazing teacher who is really encouraging, and I’m thankful I met her through piano classes. She is able to identify my stronger and weaker areas, and personalises our classes to match my ability.

I also specifically wanted to learn more Mandopop songs, and Florence has been teaching me to play songs that I love.

During the pandemic we had classes online, and I thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the lesson as well. Thank you for being so encouraging Florence, you made all the difference in my piano journey!


Starting in Grade 1 with no prior experience, learning from Ms Florence has been amazing and smooth.

One of the standout qualities of Ms. Florence is her remarkable understanding of her students’ unique needs.

Despite my busy school schedule, she adeptly adjusted lesson plans to ensure that I could cope well with practice and theory, even after long days.

Ms. Florence is also very organised. From providing clear and constructive feedback to meticulous lesson planning and scheduling, she consistently maintains a level of clarity that has greatly aided my understanding of areas that require improvement and allowed me to anticipate what we would cover in upcoming lessons.

During the pandemic, Ms. Florence seamlessly transitioned our classes online, ensuring that our weekly sessions continued without a hitch.

Even through Google Meet classes, her communication remained crystal clear, further highlighting her extraordinary teaching abilities. I’ve also been doing online classes for the last 8 months and my learning experience continues to be seamless and enriching.

As I look ahead, I am excited to continue my learning journey under the guidance of Ms. Florence 🙂


I had the pleasure of being taught by an outstanding piano teacher,  who truly deserves recognition for her exceptional skills and teaching approach. From the moment I started my lessons, it was evident that she possessed a remarkable level of patience and keen observation.

One aspect that truly impressed me was her ability to identify my mistakes swiftly and accurately. With a discerning ear, she was able to pinpoint areas where I struggled and guided me in correcting them effectively. Her attention to detail and commitment to helping me refine my technique made a significant difference in my progress.

Moreover, her patience was truly remarkable. No matter how many times I stumbled upon the same challenge, she remained calm, supportive, and understanding. This created a safe and encouraging learning environment, where I felt comfortable making mistakes and exploring my full potential.

I also appreciated her teaching style, as she provided clear explanations and demonstrations, making complex concepts more approachable and understandable. She consistently tailored her lessons to my individual needs, ensuring that I grasped each concept thoroughly before moving on to the next.

Under her guidance, I not only witnessed significant improvement in my piano skills but also developed a deep appreciation and love for music. Her passion and dedication were truly infectious, igniting a desire within me to practice diligently and strive for excellence.

I wholeheartedly recommend my piano teacher to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated instructor.

Her ability to identify mistakes promptly, correct them effectively, and create a nurturing learning environment is truly exceptional. I am grateful for the invaluable guidance she provided, and I am confident that others will benefit greatly from her expertise as well.

Thank you once again for everything, and I look forward to continuing my musical journey under her exceptional tutelage!


Florence is a phenomenal piano teacher who possesses an exceptional combination of patience and articulation. As an adult student with a full-time job, practice time is often scarce.

However, she tailors her teaching methods to suit individual learning styles, recognizing the diverse needs of her students. From the very beginning of my musical journey, Florence has been understanding of my time constraints and has tailored her teaching approach to suit my busy schedule.

As an adult learner, finding time for practice can be a real challenge, but Florence’s patience has been a game-changer for me.

She understands the demands of my work and personal life, and she never makes me feel guilty for not being able to dedicate as much time to practice as I would like. Instead, she focuses on making the most of the time I do have, ensuring that each lesson is productive and rewarding.

Despite my limited practice time, she manages to explain complex techniques and theory in a way that is clear, concise, and easily understandable. Her articulate instruction helps me make the most efficient use of my practice sessions, enabling me to progress steadily even with a busy schedule.

What sets Florence apart is her ability to break down challenging pieces into manageable segments, allowing me to tackle them step by step.

She patiently works through difficult passages with me, providing guidance and encouragement along the way. Florence’s patience empowers me to embrace the learning process, understanding that progress takes time and that each small improvement is a cause for celebration.

Florence’s patience and articulate instruction have been invaluable to my musical journey as an adult student. Despite the challenges of limited practice time, she has helped me make significant progress and develop a deeper love and understanding of music.

I cannot recommend her enough to any adult learner seeking a piano teacher who is patient, understanding, and able to effectively communicate complex musical concepts.

With Florence’s guidance, you can navigate the demands of your schedule while still experiencing the joy and fulfillment of playing the piano.

JingFei’s Mum

Teacher Florence is an incredibly gentle and attentive teacher. Under her guidance, my two children have made remarkable progress in piano. Most importantly, she has managed to make the children fall in love with the instrument, and they willingly sit down at the piano to practice every day.

What surprised me the most is that my children used to feel anxious and almost fearful before piano lessons, as if they were afraid of the piano itself. However, since they started taking lessons with Teacher Florence, they eagerly look forward to their piano classes every week.

They even see playing the piano as a way to relax and unwind. And it’s not just my children who have experienced such a significant transformation.

The children of my friends who take lessons with Teacher Florence also eagerly anticipate their weekly classes. They have truly embraced the piano as a hobby to pursue. I am immensely grateful to have encountered such a talented piano teacher who understands the art of education.

Elson Ho

Florence’s passion for music and dedication to teaching create a remarkable learning experience.

Her expertise in piano instruction, combined with her ability to break down complex concepts, makes learning enjoyable and rewarding. Florence’s commitment to her student’s growth, her patience, and encouragement foster a nurturing environment.

Under her guidance, my piano skills have greatly improved, and I have gained a deep appreciation for music as an art form. Florence’s teaching extends beyond the notes, emphasizing musical expression and communication.

She is not only a talented teacher but also a compassionate mentor. I wholeheartedly recommend Florence to anyone seeking an extraordinary piano teacher.

Jia Yan

I highly recommend Ms Florence as a piano teacher. As a beginner, I was nervous about learning to play, but Ms Florence made the experience both enjoyable and rewarding.

Not only did she teach me the fundamentals of piano playing, but she also took the time to understand my individual learning style and adjust her teaching approach to suit my needs.

Her passion for music and expertise as a pianist is evident in every lesson, and her patience and encouragement helped me to progress more quickly than I ever thought possible.

I appreciate the creative and personalized approach she brings to each lesson, making the learning experience engaging and fun.

If you’re looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring piano teacher, I highly recommend Ms Florence. She truly has a gift for teaching music and a passion for helping her students achieve their goals.


Teacher Florence has a talent for understanding my musical needs. She is patient and has the ability to break down complex chords and playing techniques into easily understandable steps.

But most of all, her passion for piano shines through, and this has motivated me to continue our sessions despite the transition to an online platform.

To my surprise, the online lessons have been just as effective, and I’ve discovered that they’ve improved my listening skills. I am grateful to have found such an amazing teacher.


I was a student of Florence for almost 3 years. She was very patient, attentive and encouraging.

I wanted to learn piano because I wanted to play songs that I liked, and she offered me the flexibility and gave me the foundation to do so. I can tell that she loves music.

Overall, I had a great experience and will go back to her as my teacher again should I choose to continue learning piano!

Mrs Sin

My boys Nathen and Matthew have been learning piano from Florence for a few years now.

Florence is a very patient, kind and a committed teacher. She uses creative ways to teach and motivate my boys throughout their learning.

She takes effort in knowing them and understands my kids’ preferred music genres, and so she will find similar pieces to teach them how to play.

My boys enjoy learning piano under her coaching and I really appreciated her committed effort during the covid days that she is still willing to teach them.

I hope my kids will learn well so that they can use their skills to serve God and others.

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